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July 22
@ 7PM - 8PM

The Saratoga Springs Satellite Reef project draws on the long historical connections, especially in the United States, between fiber practice and community building. The project connects hobby crafters, art professionals, novice crocheters, and students from Skidmore, broader Saratoga, as well as other global communities. But you don’t know how to crochet? No problem. Kristen Hyman, a beloved member of our Stitch ‘n Bitch Group and a certified crochet instructor with over 20 years of facilitation experience will teach us how to crochet a coral reef, and there will be plenty of yarn and crochet hooks for us to use. In August, we will hear from the folks at Tang Teaching Museum about The Saratoga Springs Satellite Reef project AND we will be celebrating Women’s Equality Day at Palette in Saratoga. We plan to collect all the crochet coral reef pieces donated from the group and connect them together to be part of the exhibit next year! The project responds to the environmental crisis of global warming and the escalating problem of oceanic plastic trash, and the exhibit will highlight the positive actions humans take despite the damage we do to the Earth’s ecology. Registration is required, although this event is free. The event is held at Palette Café in Sarataga in person on July 22, 2012 from 7pm-8:30pm and then again on August 26, 2021 from 7pm -8pm.

July 31
@ 10AM-12PM
Learn to Weave at The Brouwer House Creative with Sizz Handmade
In Person @ The Brouwer House Creative

In this weaving workshop, you will learn basic weaving techniques by making a brooch you can wear on a short sleeve blouse. With everything you need to complete the project, the kit is curated and crafted sustainably. The workshop is a great way to have fun, learn a new skill, and up-cycle your summer wardrobe with a little something handmade. Sarah will walk you through the project step-by-step and you will have the time to finish. Enjoy the view in the back gardens of The Brouwer House Creative while you weave. If it ends up raining, weave in the kitchen instead.

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